2020 Year in Review

As this year finally comes to an end, we reflect on the past 12 months with an enormous amount of gratitude 🖤
Our team showed up every day with passion and hustle to keep our business going…and we’re proud to share a few highlights from 2020.

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Over 0
meals served

This year we spent 4,000 hours delivering meals to 1,000+ members in over 180 zip codes!

We partnered with
15 local businesses

Welcoming new partners to the menu…

…and breaking records with our existing partner Seven Stars Bakery, with over 5,000 loaves of bread delivered 🥖

We donated more
than ever before...


...and supported those
who needed it the most

Over 700 meals donated to :

Through all the
contactless deliveries...

...and endless
construction restraints...

  Thank you for being a part of a  transformative year at F&F!

Thank you for being a part of a
transformative year at F&F!

See you next year! 🎊